Welcome to PuertoRicoFootball.com!
PuertoRicoFootball.com has 2 goals. The first is to create a starting point for all things football in Puerto Rico. The second is to promote the great sport of football on the island. Puerto Rico currently has 7 great leagues. Lets all help promote the best sport around!

Each of Puerto Rico's 7 football leagues are directed towards a different age group.

  • PRAFL - Puerto Rico American Football League - semi pro for adults after high school - www.PRAFL.com
  • AFAPR - American Football League of Puerto Rico - college kids up to 23 years of age - www.AFAPR.com
  • PRHSFL - Puerto Rico High School Football League - high school varsity & junior varsity -www.PRHSFL.com
  • Pee Wee - Pee Wee Football League of Puerto Rico - youths ages 8 to 16 - www.PRPeeWee.com
  • PRFFL - Puerto Rico Flag Football League - Flag Football for Women & Men - Facebook.com/PRFFL
  • PRWFL - Puerto Rico Women's Football League - Flag Football for Women - Facebook.com/PRWFL
  • PR8FL - Puerto Rico 8-Man Football League - 8 on 8 Full Contact Football - www.PR8FL.com

Administrator@puertoricofootball.com or call 787-667-9772 for More information!

All 5 local American football leagues - PeeWee, PRHSFL (high school), AFAPR (sub 23), PRAFL (Semipro) & PR8FL (8man) Invite you to:

Super Bowl 2017
Sunday, February 5

Want to watch the big game with all your teammates? Bring your whole team and enjoy it on the big screen with state of the art Sound system at Epic Night Club.

1420 Ponce de León, in front of Bellas Artes of Santurce.
Bring your own Alcohol & Beach Chair (or stand).
Food Available.
$5 donation (portion goes to YOUR league).
This private event is open to all ages!
For more Info Call 787-667-9772.

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