Welcome to PuertoRicoFootball.com!
PuertoRicoFootball.com has 2 goals. The first is to create a starting point for all things football in Puerto Rico. The second is to promote the great sport of football on the island. Puerto Rico currently has 7 great leagues. Lets all help promote the best sport around!

Each of Puerto Rico's 7 football leagues are directed towards a different age group.

  • PRAFL - Puerto Rico American Football League - semi pro for adults after high school - www.PRAFL.com
  • AFAPR - American Football League of Puerto Rico - college kids up to 23 years of age - www.AFAPR.com
  • PRHSFL - Puerto Rico High School Football League - high school varsity & junior varsity -www.PRHSFL.com
  • Pee Wee - Pee Wee Football League of Puerto Rico - youths ages 8 to 16 - www.PRPeeWee.com
  • PRFFL - Puerto Rico Flag Football League - Flag Football for Women & Men - Facebook.com/PRFFL
  • PRWFL - Puerto Rico Women's Football League - Flag Football for Women - Facebook.com/PRWFL
  • PR8FL - Puerto Rico 8-Man Football League - 8 on 8 Full Contact Football - www.PR8FL.com

Administrator@puertoricofootball.com or call 787-667-9772 for More information!

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