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PuertoRicoFootball.com has 2 goals. The first is to create a starting point for all things football in Puerto Rico. The second is to promote the great sport of football on the island. Puerto Rico currently has 4 great leagues and the football community is marginally unknown by many islanders. Lets all help promote the best sport around! PuertoRicoFootball.com will do its best to gather all the information possible with happening on the island. Feel free to navigate the site and also share your own information, ideas & opinions about Football in Puerto Rico!

PRAFF - Puerto Rico American Football Federation - The Top Level Organizational Unit for Football in Puerto Rico

Each of Puerto Rico's 4 football leagues are directed towards a different age group.
PRAFL - Puerto Rico American Football League - semi pro for adults after high school
AFAPR - American Football League of Puerto Rico - college kids up to 22 years of age
PRHSFL - Puerto Rico High School Football League - high school varsity & junior varsity
Pee Wee - Pee Wee Football League of Puerto Rico - youths ages 8 to 16

Contact Administrator@puertoricofootball.com or call 787-667-9772 if you are a owner, coach, team father, league staff or area coordinator in any of the leagues here in Puerto Rico for access to contribute to this site.

Please note that this website is not to promote a particular team over another. PuertoRicoFootball.com has posted information as it has been made available. If you don’t send it then I can’t post it! PuertoRicoFootball.com needs your help in making this site better. Please send in your pictures & any information involving Football in Puerto Rico to
Administrator@puertoricofootball.com. After the data has been verified to be accurate, not bias, and beneficial to the goals of PuertoRicoFootball.com, it will be posted in this site. All comments & questions are more than welcome also.
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